Quick Start
A guide to getting Snap installed.
Snap API Introduction
A quick tutorial on the Snap API. Covers installation, the “snap” command-line tool, and a walkthough of the Snap starter application.
Snaplets Tutorial
Guide to using snaplets to build reusable web components.
Snaplets Design
Description of the snaplets internal design and motivation.


Heist Template Tutorial
A tutorial for the Heist HTML templating library.
Compiled Splices Tutorial
Discusses compiled splices, as of Heist 0.13.
Attribute Splices Tutorial
How to use attribute splices (introduced in Heist 0.10).


Haskell Style Guide
A guide to the Haskell source style we're using for the project.

API Documentation

Core type definitions (Snap monad, HTTP types, etc) and utilities for web handlers.
An HTTP server library based on io-streams, which runs Snap web handlers.
The snap library contains convenience functions and support code for the snap skeleton project generator.
An HTML-based templating engine, allowing Haskell functions to be bound to tags.
A hybrid XML/HTML parsing and rendering library written specifically for Heist.


Building a Link Shortener with Snaplets
Ryan Trinkle, NY Haskell User Group, Jan 2013