The Snap team is happy to announce the release of Snap 0.5.0, a new version of the Snap Framework. The 0.5 series does not contain many new features, but there are some backwards-incompatible changes which necessitated an increase in the minor version number.

New features

  • We now ship a Readable typeclass to make converting path segments and cookie values to ints or bytestrings more convenient.

Incompatible changes


  • The snap development loader now disables warnings and optimizations.

  • The Heist extension in the snap project (soon to be removed, anyways) got some new functions.

Dependency changes

  • Snap now uses the case-insensitive library for case-insensitive bytestrings instead of our own Data.CIByteString (which, in part, inspired the creation of that library) – case-insensitive was created to unify the type of case-insensitive strings across Haskell projects.