The Snap team is proud to announce the release of Heist 0.5.1. This release is a direct result of experience gained in real-world use. We really like the way Heist is shaping up, and we think you will too.

New Features

  • Head merging. Now you can use <head> at any place in any template as long as it is a descendent of <html>. All occurrences of <head> will be moved to the top of the page and concatenated in the order they were encountered. This improves modularity by allowing you to include css and javascript files in the templates where they are used rather than in a top-level template.

  • A <cache> tag. This is similar to <static>, but reloads the content when the specified time to life expires.

  • A number of new functions for common patterns of use. This includes textSplice, mapSplices, and the runChildren variants.

  • The <bind> tag now accepts paramaters similar to <apply>.


  • Fixed a bug in lookupTemplate that caused callTemplate and evalTemplate to mistakenly fail to find templates in one subdirectory when the current context was a different subdirectory.

  • Corrected mistakes in haddock docs.