The Snap team is pleased to announce the release of Snap 0.2.13, which should hopefully be the final Snap version of the 0.2 series. Snap 0.3 will be merged into the git master branch within the next few hours.

Update: we’ve released an updated snap-server which fixes a longstanding (but not triggered until now) bug re: HTTP/1.0 responses with Connection: close. Under certain circumstances, instead of closing the socket after sending the response body, Snap would go back to try to read more data from the input end of the socket, deadlocking the thread until the timer expired.

Changes since 0.2.12


  • The fileServe code now supports HTTP range requests, allowing clients to resume file transfers when downloading from Snap servers.

API Changes:

  • Added a deleteHeader function to snap-core.


  • Fixed a minor bug in the GZip code which would cause a request to hang if the response enumerator caused an iteratee error.

  • Fixed a bug in the snap project starter executable regarding “illegal” (from Cabal’s perspective) characters in the project name.

  • Fixed a potential protocol violation in snap-server regarding HEAD responses; we now strip the response bodies off for incoming HEAD requests.