Hi all,

The Snap team is pleased to announce the release of Snap 0.2.11. Most of the changes since 0.2.9 are bugfixes and testing improvements.

Changes since 0.2.9


  • Fix an iteratee bug in enumLBS regarding incorrect eof handling.

  • Normally when enumerating a file (and not using sendfile()), Snap uses mmap() to get the file data, saving a copy. Enumerating a large file could exhaust address space on 32-bit systems, however, so for files larger than 40MB Snap will now use enumHandle.

  • Fixes to support iteratee-0.3.6.

  • A fix for the “error.log spamming bug” (wherein snap would spew thousands of spurious error messages to the error log upon exit).

  • Snap now handles Expect: 100-continue properly.


  • We are now exporting a new function setResponseCode to set the response status code and message together using a lookup table, rather than forcing you to input the status message yourself.

  • Added a getCookie function.

  • Architecture-specific hash function is now selected via template haskell.

  • Tweaks to the date thread to prevent blocking when computing the current time.